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All scans are conducted by Dr Penman, a specialist fetal medicine consultant and has over 21 years of  baby scanning experience.

Baby Ultrasound Scan Programme – more information on which scan is right for you.

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2D Scans (From 6 Weeks)

Before 10 weeks of pregnancy only 2D is used during scans as the fetus is not yet developed enough for clear 3D or 4D images. At your scan, Dr Penman will guide you through what’s visible of your baby at that point, answer any questions you may have, and you will get some printed scan images to take away with you free of charge. Book a 2D scan here. 



3D Scans (From 12 Weeks)

A sequence of 2D images digitally overlaid create a 3D image. A 3D image shows the outline of your baby much clearer and can, in later pregnancy, even show a glimpse of what your baby will look like once he or she arrives.

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, 3D and 4D images are possible, and are included for free as part of all scans after this date. As with scans before 12 weeks, Dr Penman will guide you through what’s visible of your baby at that point and answer any questions you may have. You will get a CD and DVD of images of your baby, as well as some printed scan images to take away with you free of charge. There are no hidden fees for any scans. Book a 3D scan here.


4D Scans (From 12 Weeks)

A 4D baby scan will show your baby moving in real-time. Depending on the point in your pregnancy the scan is conducted, and your baby’s position, you will be able to see his/her face, eyes, mouth and nose, and watch him/her stretch, yawn, or even suck a thumb! Follow this link to see a 4D scan video conducted by Dr Penman.

Medically, there are no benefits of a 4D scan. This is because creating a 4D image requires 3D images to be blended to create the 4D real time scan,  which can conceal abnormalities. So, Dr Penman performs this scan purely for parents-to-be to see their little one in real-time. Book a 4D scan here.


What Affects The Quality Of My Baby’s Scan Images?

Occasionally it’s not possible to see what you want to see at a scan. Various things can cause this, such as:

  • the baby’s position. If this is the case, Dr Penman may ask you to stand up and move around a little, to encourage the baby to move into a different position.
  • your BMI. A raised BMI can make it more difficult to obtain high-quality scan images.
  • the stage of your pregnancy
  • abdominal wall scarring from previous surgery

Rest assured that Dr Penman will do his best to capture high-quality images of your baby that you can cherish for years to come.