2D Ultrasound Scan
3D Ultrasound Scan

Normal ultrasound machines produce a 2D (cross section) picture but recent advances in ultrasound technology allow a sequence of 2D pictures to be digitally reconstructed to produce a 3D picture of your baby.

The most recent advances allow this reconstruction to occur so fast that the baby can be viewed in real time 3D (known as 4D scanning, 4d pregnancy scan, 4d baby scan) thus the baby can be seen moving etc in 3D.


If you would like to book a scan, please follow the link to the baby scan booking form.

What will 4D Scan Show Me?

A 4D baby scan will show your baby moving in real time, like a little movie!   Depending on your baby’s position, you will be able to see the face, eyes, mouth and nose… meet your baby before its born !  You can see it stretch, yawn, suck their thumb.  Occasionally it may be that the baby is not in the right position to see what you want to see, in which case Mr Penman may ask you to change position. If the mother’s BMI is raised, this will make 3D and 4D much more difficult to perform.   The stage of the pregnancy, the position of the baby, abdominal wall scarring from previous surgery may also prevent good quality images being obtained.

Are there benefits of a 4D scan ? 

The benefit from a 4D scan will vary depending on your circumstances.  Some mums-to-be are keen on 4D scans to meet their baby and see them move in real time.

There aren’t really any medical benefits for a 4D scan, because the creation of a 4D image requires blending of images which can conceal abnormalities but it is of great benefit to parents of babies with abnormalities, such as cleft lip.  This allows the mother to bond with her baby before birth. It allows the parents to know what to expect when their baby is born.