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Thinking About A Private Gender Scan?

    Are you considering a Private Gender Scan?  Have you had your NHS Nuchal scan and baby wouldn’t behave? It can be super frustrating to be looking forward for weeks for the scan and […]


Emergency Baby Scan

EMERGENCY BABY SCAN Dr Penman always marks a couple of appointment slots every day in his clinics for an emergency baby scan. If you have an emergency and need a scan within a few hours, […]

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Removal Of Mirena IUCD

The Mirena IUCD is a device that is inserted into the uterus to act as contraception but also as it is impregnated with hormone, it  regulates the menstrual cycle. If you would like to know […]


Outpatient Endometrial Sampling(Biopsy)

The Pipelle Endometrial Sampling or biopsy is a procedure to take a small sample of endometrium without the need for a general anaesthetic.  It is frequently used for women who are experiencing abnormal uterine bleeding, […]


Cervical Ectropion (Erosion)

  A cervical ectropion or erosion is a patch of tissue on the cervix.  It is very common and totally harmless. It is not connected with cervical cancer in any way and is not caused […]


Bleeding In Early Pregnancy

Bleeding in early pregnancy does not always mean that you are miscarrying.  It is quite common and this article will explain the possible reasons for bleeding in early pregnancy and what investigations should be performed. […]

Baby Scans

How Is My Due Date Calculated?

Your due date is calculated as 40 weeks (280 days) from the first day of your last period (assuming a 28 day cycle). Therefore, your period and ovulation are counted in the first two weeks […]


Mirena Coil – Is It Right For You?

The Mirena Interuterine Contraceptive Device (also known as the Mirena coil) is one of the most common contraceptive devices, but did you know it is also used to regulate periods?   How Can The Mirena […]

Baby Scans

Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome is a syndrome affecting girls where they lack a second X chromosome. Normally, girls have two X chromosomes. This lack of X chromosome in girls can cause various abnormalities, such as short stature, […]


Cervical Polyps

Cervical polyps and the symptoms of the polyps can be wide and varied. You may also have no symptoms at all, and instead have the polyps discovered at your routine cervical screening test. PLEASE NOTE: […]