Hearing Baby’s Heartbeat

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When Can Dr Penman Detect My Baby’s Heartbeat? Dr Penman is able to detect your baby’s heartbeat as early as 6 weeks at the Viability (Dating) Scan. For more information about this scan, please click […]


I’m Pregnant – What’s Next?

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I’m Pregnant – What’s Next? You’ve done a home pregnancy test, or maybe you’ve even had a test done at your GP, and found out that you’re pregnant (click here for more information on interpreting […]

Gynaecology Tests

Cervical Screening Test

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    Dr Penman offers cervical screening tests in his routine gynaecology clinic. Read the information below and follow the guide to book and appointment. You can fill in the online appointment form or ring […]


What Decides My Baby’s Gender?

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The Science Behind Gender The sex chromosomes are the indicators of gender. Typically, girls have two X chromosomes (XX), whilst boys have one X and one Y chromosome (XY). Sex chromosome arrangements that differ from […]


Pregnant and Overweight?

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PLEASE NOTE: Dr Penman is not a specialist in nutrition, and this blog post is for information only. If you are concerned about your weight and the effect it may have on your pregnancy and […]

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Gynaecology Tests


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What Is A Hysterosalpingogram? A hysterosalpingogram is the study of the fallopian tubes. A test can be performed which can tell whether or not the fallopian tubes are open and unobstructed. This image shows the […]