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Welcome to Dr Penman’s Baby Blog. Here, you’ll find a number of articles relating to pregnancy, baby scans and baby gender as well as issues affecting babies and mothers.

To read an article, first click on the title and then ‘read more’. If you would like any more information regarding the topics covered by the articles, please complete a contact form or call Helen, Dr Penman’s secretary, on tel: 07880 701732.

Dr Penman - My Premature Triplets
Dr Penman - My Premature Triplets is an emotive article from Dr Penman, a fetal medicine specialist and baby scan ...
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Why Choose Private Healthcare With Dr Penman?
There are many benefits to private fetal and gynaecological healthcare. In this article, you will find a number of reasons ...
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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Fetal alcohol syndrome is a serious condition that dramatically affects the baby during development in the womb but also has ...
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See And Hear Baby's Heartbeat
Do you want to see and hear baby's heartbeat? Even if this is your second or third pregnancy, its still ...
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I'm Pregnant - What's Next?
I’m Pregnant – What’s Next? You’ve done a home pregnancy test, or maybe you’ve even had a test done at ...
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The 6 Questions To Ask Before You Book Your Scan
The 6 questions to ask before you book a scan  - do you know what you should ask?  There are ...
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What Decides My Baby's Gender?
There are many old wives tales about what decides baby's gender. In this article, Dr Penman explains the science behind ...
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Pregnant and Overweight?
Pregnant and Overweight ? Read about the issues of going through a pregnancy when overweight and what you can do ...
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Common Pregnancy Cravings
You've heard of the common pregnancy cravings, such as chocolate and gherkins, but do you know why you might crave ...
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What is a Pregnancy Viability Scan?
What Is A Pregnancy Viability Scan ? You've just found out you're pregnant and trying to wade through all the ...
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