When Can I Have My Baby Gender Scan?

  • After 11 weeks.
  • At the Nuchal Scan (11-13 weeks) if you wish.

Accuracy Of Gender Assessment:

  • At 11 weeks –  75% accuracy.
  • At 12 weeks – 80-90%
  • At 13 weeks – 95% (this is also the best time for your Nuchal Scan, which you can have at the same appointment as your gender scan.)
  • At 14 weeks – 97%
  • At 16 weeks  – 99.9%

How Can You Tell If I Am Having A Boy or A Girl?

At the Gender Scan, Dr Penman is looking for two signs:

  • A ‘snail’ sign, indicating that your baby is a boy.
  • A ‘Big Mac’ sign – like three little lines stacked on top of each other – indicating that your baby is a girl.

What Happens At The Gender Scan:

Dr Penman will:

  • perform a thorough scan checking your baby’s wellbeing and growth
  • take images and a short 4D film of your baby
  • perform the gender assessment.

What Can I Take Home From My Gender Scan?

  • A CD of 2D and 3D images taken at the scan
  • A short 4D film of moving images taken at the scan
  • Some printed scan images of your baby
  • A wellbeing report for you and your medical notes






  • The 3D/4D images/film are totally complimentary, there are no additional charges. Please bear in mind that if you have a raised BMI, this makes 3D and 4D scanning much more difficult. This is not a reason for Dr Penman to rescan.
  • The accuracy of the scan is dependent on fetal position, amniotic fluid volume and maternal BMI.