There’s little more exciting than finding out if you’re little one is a boy or a girl. Read on to find out more about the gender scans Dr Penman offers, and how and with what percentage accuracy your baby’s gender is assessed…


When Can I Have My Baby Gender Scan?

You can have your baby gender scan after 11 weeks, and at the Nuchal Scan (11-13 weeks) if you wish




Where Can I Have My Baby Gender Scan?

Dr Penman provides a full baby scanning programme at the Spire Alexandra Hospital in Walderslade, Kent. For contact details and a map of the hospital’s location, please follow this link.



Accuracy Of Gender Assessment:

  • At 11 weeks –  75% accuracy
  • At 12 weeks – 80-90%
  • At 13 weeks – 95% (this is also the best time for your Nuchal Scan, which you can have at the same appointment as your gender scan)
  • At 14 weeks – 97%
  • At 16 weeks  – 99.9%


How Can Dr Penman Tell If I Am Having A Boy or A Girl?

At the Gender Scan, Dr Penman is looking for two signs:

  • A ‘snail’ sign, indicating that your baby is a boy
  • A ‘Big Mac’ sign – like three little lines stacked on top of each other – indicating that your baby is a girl



What Happens At The Gender Scan:

Dr Penman will:

  • perform a thorough scan checking your baby’s wellbeing and growth
  • take images and a short 4D film of your baby
  • perform the gender assessment.


How Much Is This Scan?

This scan costs £150 and includes:

  • An assessment of your baby’s gender, with accuracy rates connected with stage of pregnancy explained to you at your appointment
  • A CD of still 2D and 3D images
  • A DVD of 4D images (real-time moving images). PLEASE NOTE: There is no audio on this DVD.
  • Some printed images
  • A full detailed medical report

PLEASE NOTE: There are no hidden extras in the scan fees, and no extra is charged for 3D and 4D images.

Please bear in mind that if you have a raised BMI, this makes 3D and 4D scanning much more difficult. This is not a reason for Dr Penman to rescan.



More Information

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Booking A Scan

You can book this scan by clicking on the blue appointment button below.

Alternatively, please visit the Contact Us page and ring the Spire Alexandra Hospital.


If you have any problems getting through to the SPIRE ALEXANDRA HOSPITAL to book a baby scan appointment, please call HELEN, Dr Penman’s secretary on 07880701732.