Name Pictures Gender DVD/CD Price
6-10 weeks Accurately date the pregnancy, Check the number of fetuses, Detect the heartbeat
10-14+ weeks Non-invasive test for Down/Edwards/PatauSyndrome X/Y abnormalities, Pre and post test counselling
Variable* * Price depends on stage of pregnancy
Nuchal Scan(with Early Gender)
11weeks+1day to 13weeks+6days Non-invasive scan for Down/Edwards/PatauSyndromes, Accurately date the pregnancy, Detect the gender
Early Growth/Gender
14-19 weeks Check growing inline with previous scans Check basic structures and anatomy, Assess the gender
Anomaly Scan
20-24 weeks Detailed scan of all structures, eg kidney/heart/limbs/brain/face/spine/gender
Late Growth/Wellbeing
24+ weeks Growth and wellbeing, Reassurance for those who have had previous complications eg diabetes, pre-eclampsia