Emergency appointments: Please call Helen directly. Please do not book online. 

How to book: Please choose the scan appropriate for your gestation by clicking the blue button, then choose the date you would like your scan, and the time. Please fill in the basic booking form details and pay £20.00 deposit, this is deducted from the price of the scan.

Where to find us: All scans are conducted at the Spire Alexandra Hospital (Impton Lane, Chatham ME5 9PG).

Change or cancel an existing scan booking: If you would like to change an appointment already booked, please call Helen, Dr Penman’s Secretary, on  07880 701732 .

If you do not see the booking selections, please call Helen on 07880701732 

Helen’s number is also available on WhatsApp.

Christmas appointments: 

Dr Penman has limited baby scan appointments over the Christmas and New Year period. As such, please book as soon as possible if you would like a scan in this time.

Mon 23 Dec     Normal appointment times
Tue 24 Dec       8.15am – 1.00pm
Wed 25 Dec     Closed
Thurs 26 Dec   Closed
Fri 27 Dec         9.15am – 3.30pm
Sat 28 Dec        Normal appointment times
Mon 30 Dec     1.00pm – 3.30pm
Tue 31st Dec    8.15am to 1.30pm
Wed 1 Jan        Closed
Thurs 2 Jan      Normal appointment times