Do I Need A Vulval Biopsy?

Dr Penman will discuss your symptoms with you. This may be that you have been suffering from soreness, redness, itching or changes to the normal appearance of your vulva.  He will then talk you through the possible treatments and he may decide to do a vulval biopsy for confirmation of his diagnosis. Dr Penman may prescribe treatment for you in the meantime whilst waiting for the result of the biopsy.

Vulval Biopsy

  • Performed in out-patients using local anaesthetic.
  • Small sample of tissue removed for examination under the microscope.
  • Small risk of bleeding, infection and mild pain.
  • Results back in 7-14 days.

Care Following Biopsy

  • Keep the area clean and dry.
  • Saline bathing is a good idea to ensure the area is kept clean.
  • Gently pat the area dry.
  • Use vaseline over the area before urinating to keep urine from stinging the biopsy site.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Dr Penman please call Helen on 07880701732 or send an online booking form following the link, and she will call you.