The Early Growth With Gender Scan is a scan performed in the second trimester of pregnancy to check your baby is growing as expected and to assess gender.


What Is The Early Growth With Gender Scan For?
  • Check your baby is growing in line with previous scans.
  • Check basic structures and anatomy.
  • Assessment of the baby’s gender – at 16 weeks the genitalia is fully formed. At this stage in pregnancy, Dr Penman has a 99.99% accuracy rate of assessing the gender. See Baby Gender Scan Overview for more details.


When Is This Scan Performed?

This scan is performed from 14 – 19 weeks.


Who Performs The Scan?

Dr Penman, Consultant Fetal Medicine Specialist, performs the scan.



What To Do When Attending This Scan


  • bring any previous scan and medical reports with you to the appointment.
  • make sure your bladder is not empty. However, it does not need to be full or uncomfortable.


How Long Does This Scan Take?

The appointment takes 30 minutes, but the actual scanning will be less than this. The rest of the appointment time will be used for Dr Penman to take any medical history and to explain the results of the scan to you.


How Much Is This Scan?

The Early Growth With Gender Scan costs £150 and includes:

  • A CD of still 2D and 3D images
  • Some printed 2D and 3D images
  • A DVD* of real-time moving 4D images. *No audio, but you are welcome to record the baby’s heartbeat on your phone during the scan – for more information on the importance of detecting the baby’s heartbeat, please click here)
  • A detailed medical report for your records

PLEASE NOTE: There are no hidden extras in the scan fees, and no extra is charged for 3D and 4D images, CD or DVD. Please also bear in mind that if you have a raised BMI, this makes 3D and 4D scanning much more difficult. This is not a reason for Dr Penman to rescan.

All baby scans are held at the Spire Alexandra Hospital in Walderslade, Kent.