Gender Scans - 12 weeks +

So you want to know the gender of your baby?

Maybe you want to have a gender reveal party with all your friends and family and announce the pregnancy and what your baby is.. girl or boy!

Dr. Penman can assess the gender of your baby from 12 weeks.

Fetal Medicine - Gender Scans

Dr Penman was very welcoming, he went through everything thoroughly and explained everything clearly! He made me and my partner feel at ease, and no question was too much! We asked Dr Penman to write down the sex of our baby so we could do a gender reveal with our boys, which he did willingly! Now after 3 boys, Dr Penman told us we have a little girl on the way! We’re so happy with our experience and would definitely recommend Dr Penman!

Mrs L

A few facts about Gender Scans

  • A gender scan can be carried out from 12 weeks… BUT… the accuracy of the scan at this stage is not 100%. This means that in some cases the gender assessment will not be accurate.
  • At 12 weeks the accuracy is 80-90%. At 13 weeks the accuracy is 95%. At 14 weeks the accuracy is 97%.  At 16 weeks the accuracy is 99.9%.  
  • The accuracy at any stage is affected by the quality of the images Dr. Penman can achieve. This will depend on the position of the uterus and also the mother’s BMI. Unfortunately, if the BMI is raised, this blurs images, and then seeing fine detail is not easy.
  • Dr. Penman does not do just gender scans. When you come to see him for your scan, the gender scan will be only a very small part of the scan he will perform. He will do the most appropriate scan for the gestation of your baby, checking that everything is progressing well. The gender scan will be a part of this.
  • Dr. Penman does not rescan if he cannot see the gender. For gender re-assessments for further confirmation requires another scan booking.
  • It is advisable to have an early scan to date your pregnancy, to ensure you do not attend too early for the scan

If you want to have a gender reveal party, Dr. Penman will write the gender on the back of one of the scan images, place it into a presentation card, so you cannot see the result and you can then present this at a balloon store to have your balloon prepared!

Why have a scan with Dr. Penman?

Dr. Penman is a Consultant Fetal Medicine Specialist.  So not only is he a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaegologist, but he has also undertaken extra specialist training in Fetal Medicine.  

This higher level of expertise ensures that you receive the best possible care when you have your scan.

If you have any questions or want to clarify the accuracy percentages, please email Helen on