I’m Pregnant – What’s Next?

I’m Pregnant – What’s Next?

You’ve done a home pregnancy test, or maybe you’ve even had a test done at your GP, and found out that you’re pregnant (click here for more information on interpreting pregnancy test results).

The question that will probably be on your mind (apart from, perhaps, how you’ll break the happy news to family and friends!) is “what’s next?”


Reassurance Scan (6-10 Weeks Pregnant)

The NHS will usually not offer you a first appointment (called “a booking appointment”) until you’re around 8-10 weeks pregnant. Even then, you could wait until you’re 10 weeks pregnant to hear the baby’s heartbeat, and 14 weeks pregnant for your first ultrasound.

With Dr Penman, you can have your first appointment and ultrasound as early as 6 weeks into your pregnancy. This first appointment is called a Reassurance Scan and the primary aim is to accurately date the pregnancy, check how many fetuses there are, detect a heartbeat (or heartbeats!), and check the pregnancy is progressing normally.


Why Have A Reassurance Scan?

The Reassurance Scan is particularly helpful for women who have experienced pain in early pregnancy, or who have had previous miscarriages, although the appointment is for anyone wanting reassurance and to date their pregnancy.

DID YOU KNOW?: The chance of miscarriage after hearing the baby’s heartbeat at 6 weeks is around 22% and goes down to around 2% if you hear the heartbeat at 8 weeks.


How Do I Book A Reassurance Scan?

To book this scan, please click the blue button below and fill in the booking form.




More Information

For more information on what to expect at this scan, and what you can do beforehand, please click here. Alternatively, you can contact Helen, Dr Penman’s secretary, by clicking on the button below.


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