Interpreting Pregnancy Test Results


So you think you might be pregnant?  And you are going to do a pregnancy test. A few things to remember when you look at the stick for the result is firstly believe what the result is saying.


Not Yet Missed a Period

If you have not yet missing a period and therefore you must be using one of the more sensitive pregnancy tests, the accuracy of these tests is not as good if used in the days prior to a missed period, so make sure you bear this in mind when reading the result.  The accuracy drops to around 58% prior to a missed period, so you are more likely to get a false negative during this period of time and further testing would be advised, ideally waiting until the first day of your missed period. Remember in this case, a test first thing in the morning is advised by Mr Penman.


First Day of Missed Period

If this is the first day of your missed period, the accuracy of any of the pregnancy tests you have chosen will be almost 99% accurate. But this again does rely on the fact that you have a regular period.  If your period is irregular, you may well have ovulated on a different day, so the pregnancy test may not be positive for several days after your missed period. Mr Penman suggests retaking the test up to a week after your missed period.  If you then still have a negative pregnancy test, it may well be advisable to visit your GP if your periods were previously regular.


Positive Pregnancy Test

A positive pregnancy test may or may not be a happy event. But either way  you will be wanting to work out how pregnant you are and when the best time would be to see your GP or go for scan.  If your pregnancy test is positive on the first day of your missed period, you are according to how your obstetrician would date your pregnancy, four weeks pregnant. Your obstetrician dates your pregnancy from the first day of the last period, assuming that your menstrual cycle is regular and you ovulate on day 14.

If you are using a Clearablue Digital Pregnancy Test and you are pregnant, it will say how many weeks you are pregnant. BUT….. remember this test is telling you how many weeks you are pregnant AFTER conception.  This is NOT how your obstetrician or Baby Scan Consultant will date your pregnancy so if you are using a Clearablue Digital Pregnancy Test you must add two weeks to the result it gives you to be in line with how your doctor will date your pregnancy.  This is very important when you are wanting to book a scan.

This image shows the pregnancy at 6 weeks, dated  from the first day of the last period as your Obstetrician will do.  This means that you are two weeks past the day your next period should have been due.   It is very important to make sure you read these instructions carefully as turning up for a scan at what you think is the right time, when in fact you haven’t dated your pregnancy correctly and you aren’t as far along as you thought.

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