Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) such as the Harmony Test has largely removed the need for invasive testing with CVS or amniocentesis. Mr Penman no longer performs these invasive test.

The details of CVS and amniocentesis below is included for information purposes only.

These tests may be appropriate if there is a high risk for chromosome abnormality (Down syndrome etc). The CVS involves obtaining a tiny sample of placental tissue while an amniocentesis involves obtaining a small sample of the amniotic fluid. Both tests are done by passing a fine needle through the mother’s abdomen with continuous ultrasound scanning.

The initial results from either test, for Down syndrome and the other major chromosome abnormalities are usually available in 2-3 working days.

CVS is performed after 11 weeks and carries a 1 – 2% risk of miscarriage while amniocentesis is performed after 16 weeks and has a 0.5 – 1% risk of causing a miscarriage.

To book a scan appointment, please either telephone the Spire Alexandra Hospital (01634 662863) or the Kent Institute of Medicine & Surgery (01622 237640) or complete the baby scan booking form.