Dr Penman holds gynaecology clinics in Kent at the Spire Alexandra Hospital and KIMS.

In Dr Penman’s private gynaecology clinic he is able to provide investigation and treatment for:


Gynaecological Surgery

Dr Penman performs a wide range of gynacological surgery including minimal access (laparoscopy/hysteroscopy) for the treatment of polycystic overy syndrome (PCOS), heavy periods (menorrhagia) and pelvic pain due to adhesions/endometriosis.

The treatments for heavy periods (menorrhagia) he can offer range from hormonal and non hormonal drug treatments to minimally invasive treatments such as the Mirena coil and endometrial ablation and also more invasive treatments such as hysterosopic and open myomectomy and hysterectomy.

The exact treatments for heavy periods will be indervidualised to each patients particular circumstances.



Booking An Appointment

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