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The Mirena IUCD is a device that is inserted into the uterus to act as contraception but also as it is impregnated with hormone, it  regulates the menstrual cycle. If you would like to know more about the Mirena follow this link – Mirena Coil – Is It Right For You?

Occasionally the Mirena needs to be removed, and usually this  can be performed in the out-patient clinic simply by Dr Penman inserting a speculum, locating the threads of the Mirena coil that protrude through the cervix and gently pulling the coil out.

Sometime the threads get pulled up into the cervical canal but Dr Penman can usually locate them with long forceps that will grasp the threads and allow easy removal.

Occasionally and this is very rare, Dr Penman cannot find the threads. He may perform a short ultrasound scan in the clinic to locate the position of the Mirena IUCD and use this information to better locate the threads.  If the threads are not able to be found, or the Mirena has moved position and is no longer able to be removed in the outpatient clinic, he may have to perform a hysteroscopy in theatre, whilst you are under a general anaesthetic.*


If you would like to consult Dr Penman with regard to your Mirena, if it is causing problems with your menstrual cycle or if it needs to be replaced as you have had it a long time, call Helen on 07880701732 or send an online booking form and Helen will call you to make an appointment. 


*This incurs further costs.

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