See And Hear Baby’s Heartbeat

Do you want to see and hear baby’s heartbeat? Even if this is your second or third pregnancy, its still a wonderful, magical moment.

When Can Dr Penman Detect My Baby’s Heartbeat?

Dr Penman is able to detect your baby’s heartbeat as early as 6 weeks at the Reassurance Scan.



Why Is It Important To Detect My Baby’s Heartbeat?

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat is a huge source of relief and reassurance; the likelihood of miscarriage after hearing the heartbeat at 6 weeks is 22%, and reduces to 2% if you hear the heartbeat at 8 weeks.


Can I Hear My Baby’s Heartbeat?

Non-medical baby scan clinics and NHS baby scan clinics don’t usually have the facilities for you to be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat.

However, with Dr Penman you can not only see your baby’s heart beat on 2D, 3D and 4D scans (3D and 4D scans after 10 weeks only), but also hear it too.


Can I Record My Baby’s Heartbeat?

Dr Penman warmly invites you to record your baby’s heartbeat on your phone or other recording device.

If you like, you can transfer your baby’s heartbeat to a recorder at one of the soft toy centres around Kent and have it placed inside the toy as a keepsake for your baby (Dr Penman has one of his first grandchild’s heartbeat at 12 weeks!)

Alternatively, you could use your soft toy with your baby’s heartbeat as a way of announcing the happy news to family and friends, and for older siblings to keep safe until their little brother or sister arrives.


An Example Of A Baby’s Heartbeat

Below is the heartbeat and scan image of an 11 week pregnancy. This is just a sample of the recording that you will receive when you have your scan with Dr Penman.



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