The 6 Questions To Ask Before You Book Your Scan

The 6 questions to ask before you book a scan  – do you know what you should ask?  There are many private scan centres around Kent so how do you know which one is better than the other? Many have no doctor at the centre, some have costly add-ons. Continue reading to learn the questions to ask.


Congratulations ! You’re Pregnant!

Now you have so many questions ! When am I due? Is the baby ok? What am I having?  Read the questions and answers below for the 6 Questions To Ask Before You Book Your Scan.




1. Who Performs The Scan ?

You would expect a baby scan to be performed by a doctor who is trained in fetal medicine, but this isn’t always the case.  Many baby scans are carried out by ultrasonographers  or operators who are not doctors and have no medical training. Some may only have basic ultrasonography training. Their focus is simply on getting pretty pictures of your baby, and they have no medical experience to check that your baby is developing normally or if it has any abnormalities.

Dr Penman is a fully-trained consultant in fetal medicine. He is highly specialized and has over 20 years of baby scanning experience. He will perform a full assessment of your baby that is appropriate for the gestation, along with taking various 2D images (and 3D and 4D if appropriate). Dr Penman will present one photo in a card for you to keep in your baby’s memory box, as well as several other images for you to keep.


2. What Is The Scan For?

Dr Penman offers a scan programme which you can follow, or you can come for an individual scan appropriate for your stage of pregnancy. Dr Penman will be examining your baby in detail during your scan, checking that he or she is growing in line with the gestation of pregnancy and developing normally, as well as taking various 2D images (and 3D and 4D if appropriate).


3. What Is Included In The Cost Of The Scan?

Frequently when you book a private baby scan not everything is included; there may be a charge for 2D and 3D images and 4D video, along with lab and testing fees. This can increase the cost of the scan quite significantly.

Dr Penman does not charge any extra for anything during his scans; everything is included in the price, which you can clearly find on the fees page before you book.

Dr Penman will perform the scan that is appropriate for your stage of pregnancy, checking all the details of your baby, to ensure that it is growing and developing normally.

If you want to know the gender, Dr Penman can tell this from 11 weeks. For more information on Baby Gender Scans, please click on the link.

Throughout your scan, Dr Penman be pointing out various parts of your baby to you on the scan monitor, as well as answering your questions. Should anything abnormal be detected, he will arrange any further tests or referrals that you need.

You’ll also be able to hear and see your baby’s heart beat, which you can record onto your phone (to have transferred onto a recorder in a soft toy, as a keepsake, for example).

For more information on the Baby Scan Programme, please click on the link.


4. Is There Anything I Should Do When I Come For The Scan?

It’s a good idea to wear loose-fitting trousers to your scan so that the lower area of your tummy is easily accessible without having to undress.

It’s not necessary to come to your appointment with a full bladder as it’s not required for the state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment used today. A partially-filled bladder is enough.


5. What Happens If Baby Isn’t In The Right Position for The Scan?

In the unlikely event that the baby isn’t in the right position to see the structures essential for the various scans, Dr Penman may ask you to move around the scan bed or walk around the room to change baby’s position. If it’s not possible to complete the medical part of the scan if the baby is in the wrong position, then Dr Penman will invite you back for a follow-up scan, without charge. However, another appointment will not be offered free of charge if the aim is just to get more scan photographs.


6. How Long Is The Appointment And Can I Bring Family With Me?

Dr Penman allows half an hour for a scan appointment.  This includes time for discussion and for medical history to be taken, as well as the scan itself. If you know at the time of booking that you’re having twins (or more!) then please mention this when booking, as this will affect the length of the appointment.

You can bring three friends/family with you to scans with Dr Penman. Please, if you are considering bringing small children, have a designated adult to care for them whilst the scan is in progress. This allows mummy-to-be to enjoy the experience of the scan and Dr Penman to concentrate on the scan.

For more information on the Baby Scan Programme, please click on the link.



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