Thinking About A Private Gender Scan?



Are you considering a Private Gender Scan?  Have you had your NHS Nuchal scan and baby wouldn’t behave?

It can be super frustrating to be looking forward for weeks for the scan and finding out whether you are having a boy or a girl and then they can’t see!

Dr Penman performs Gender Scans from 12 weeks
with a 80-90% accuracy. 

Dr Penman has been offering baby scans for over 20 years, helping and reassuring women in every stage of their pregnancy.

What Is The Scan For?

The private gender scan can be performed at 12 weeks and is incorporated into the Nuchal Scan and costs £130

If the gender scan is performed after 13 weeks, this is part of the Early Growth/Gender Scan and costs £130

The scans check the  development of your baby in its entirety.

Dr Penman is a consultant Fetal Medicine Specialist and has to do a complete check of your baby from how many fingers and toes to the nasal bridge and femur length.

He has to make sure that everything developmentally at this stage of pregnancy is as it should be and within the normal limits.  He cannot by law, just check the gender, so that is why it is incorporated into a developmental scan.

He will also check the liqor volume around your baby and make sure that this is within the normal limits.

He also checks the blood flow to the baby through the umbilical cord and the position of the placenta within the womb.

He will explain all the measurements to you and give you a full report at the end of the scan, along with a DVD and CD of your baby scan pictures.


Scan Includes:

Full Medical Ultrasound Scan with Report

Gender Scan

Multiple 2D and 3D Scan Images.

Some 4D Scan video (if possible at the this stage – this is a free quick look)

All images are given to you as a Digital Copy for you to take home


If the scan confirms a multiple pregnancy, there is an extra charge of £50 for each baby.



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