November 15, 2018


For baby scan appointments, please contact the Spire Alexandra Hospital on tel: 01634 662866 (Mon-Fri). You will be directed to the self-funding telephone line, who will be able to book appointments for you.


If calling on a Saturday, please call: 01634 687166

If you have any questions regarding the different scans Dr Penman provides, please contact Helen, Dr Penman’s secretary, on tel: 07801 562263. Please note: Helen does not keep Dr Penman’s appointment diaries so will not be able to make an appointment for you. 


Due to an increasing workload, Dr Penman now runs an additional gynaecology clinic at the Spire Alexandra Hospital on Mondays from 9-12 am and also additional operating times on alternate Wednesday afternoons.


These sessions are in addition to his weekly and Saturday morning clinics.


To book an appointment please fill in a booking form or ring the Spire Alexandra Hospital on 01634 662822.


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Gynaecology Tests

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