Baby Scan Medway at Fetal Medicine UK

Dr Penman is a Consultant Gynaecologist and Fetal Medicine Specialist.

His 25+ years of experience allows him to offer a range of private baby scans in medway from 6 weeks of pregnancy. Dr. Penman specialises in prenatal screening and diagnosis of fetal abnormalities, amniocentesis, and CVS. He also performs the latest non-invasive prenatal testing – the Harmony test.

Dr. Penman provides a compassionate, safe environment for you to discuss any concerns relating to your pregnancy and baby. He offers a complete scan service from 6 weeks of pregnancy all the way to near your due date. 3D and 4D scans are also possible (with 4D possible from 10 weeks).

Dr. Penman is very happy to be offering his baby scan Medway clinic and will allow a husband/partner/scan buddy to accompany you (one person only).  Sorry, no children.  We do not scan under 18s, sorry.

Please ensure you have completed the Covid questionnaire which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Below you’ll find links to information on each of the baby scans Dr. Penman offers as well as our Fetal Medicine Due Date Calendar. If you have any questions, please contact Helen, Dr. Penman’s PA, on 07880 701732.

Fetal Medicine UK - Baby Scans - Pregnancy scan
Fetal Medicine UK - Baby Scans - Pregnant woman with scan

Baby Scans Medway by Dr Penman, Consultant Fetal Medicine Specialist

6-10 weeks

2D only

11+1 – 13+6 weeks

3D and 4D usually possible


14-19 weeks

3D and 4D usually available

20-24 weeks

3D and 4D usually available

24-35 weeks

3D and 4D usually available

Dr Penman also offers a post-miscarriage scan called the Rainbow Scan. This scan is to confirm a miscarriage, ensure recovery from a miscarriage and, if you wish, help you plan the next steps to conceiving again. 

Dr Penman was very welcoming, he went through everything thoroughly and explained everything clearly! He made me and my partner feel at ease, and no question was too much! We asked Dr Penman to write down the sex of our baby so we could do a gender reveal with our boys, which he did willingly! Now after 3 boys, Dr Penman told us we have a little girl on the way! We’re so happy with our experience and would definitely recommend Dr Penman!

Mrs L

What's included in each baby scan?

Dr Penman knows how important your baby scans are to you. Every baby scan includes:

Dr Penman also offers the option of a Heartbeat Bear. An audio recording of your baby’s heartbeat is taped onto a small speaker that’s put inside a soft teddy bear. These can be a wonderful way to introduce baby to an older sibling, or treasure as a keepsake for baby as they grow up. The bears cost £20 and can be paid for in cash at your scan. 

When Can I Have a 3D/4D Scan?

3D and 4D are usually possible from around 10 weeks of pregnancy. 3D and 4D offer a chance for you to see baby in more detail and, in the case of 4D, in real-time. This can help you get a better idea of what baby will look like when they arrive. 

3D and 4D are included in the price of the scan. However, Dr. Penman cannot guarantee the clarity of these images as various things affect how baby’s scan images appear, such as:

Dr. Penman will, of course, do his utmost to get the best images possible of your baby.

Fetal Medicine - Baby Scans - 3D/4D scan image 2
Fetal Medicine - Baby Scans 3D/4D Scans

Having twins (or more)?

Dr. Penman offers scans for single babies as well as multiples (twins, triplets, etc.). 

Scans for multiples are longer than scans for single babies and are also priced differently. When booking, please do make sure that you book in for the right scan. 

If you book for a single-baby scan only to find out you are expecting multiples, Dr. Penman will do his best to obtain all the information within the allotted timeframe, but please be aware that you may need to book another appointment.