Cautery to Cervical Ectropion in Kent

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What is a Cervical Ectropion?

A cervical ectropion or erosion is a patch of tissue on the cervix.  It is very common and harmless. It is not connected with cervical cancer in any way and is not caused by any other condition that causes cancer.

When does a Cervical Ectropion happen?

A cervical ectropion happens when some cells from the inside of the cervical canal, glandular cells, are found on the outside surface of the cervix in the transformation zone – the area that is tested during a cervical smear.

Cervical ectropion is a very delicate patch of tissue and will easily bleed. It also is made up of glandular cells so will produce a discharge. A cervical ectropion can be caused by a change in hormones, pregnancy, or being on the contraceptive pill.

What are the symptoms of a Cervical Ectropion?

The symptoms of a cervical ectropion can include:

  • Bleeding following sex
  • Increased discharge of clear to straw fluid from the vagina. This can smell
  • Pain

What is the treatment for Cervical Ectropion?

If the ectropion is very small, you may not have any symptoms and it may only be discovered when you attend a cervical screening test.  If this is the case, Dr. Penman will usually recommend no course of action.

If the ectropion is causing symptoms, Dr. Penman will conduct an examination using a speculum to look at your cervix. Treatment usually involves using a small amount of silver nitrate on the ectropion.

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