Contraceptive Coil Removal in Kent

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The Contraceptive coil is one of the most common contraceptive devices but it can also help if you have heavy periods. Occasionally the Mirena needs to be removed. Dr. Penman can do this in his Outpatient gynaecology clinic.

What is the Contraceptive Coil?

The Contraceptive coil is an intrauterine device (or IUD) that contains a hormone that can prevent pregnancy and treat heavy periods.

The Mirena is a small T-shaped device made of soft, flexible plastic that’s placed inside your uterus by a trained healthcare professional (usually a gynaecologist). The Mirena can last up to 7 years as a contraceptive and up to 5 years as a treatment for heavy periods. You can have the Mirena removed at any time.

How Is the Contraceptive Coil Removed?

Occasionally the coil needs to be removed.

Usually, this can be performed in Dr. Penman’s Outpatient gynaecology clinic.

Rarely, Dr. Penman cannot find the threads of the coil. He may perform a short ultrasound scan in the clinic to locate the position of the Contraceptive coil and use this information to better locate the threads.  If the threads are not able to be found, or the coil has moved position and is no longer able to be removed in the Outpatient clinic, Dr. Penman may have to perform a hysteroscopy in theatre, whilst you are under a general anaesthetic.*

*This incurs further costs

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