Cervical Polyp Removal in Kent

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What are Cervical Polyps?

Cervical polyps are small lumps of tissue (benign tumors) that originate from the cervix. Cervical polyps originate from the cervical tissue, growing a stalk that ultimately allows the polyp to protrude through the cervix and into the vagina. They are then seen on a routine cervical smear appointment.

What are the causes of Cervical Polyps?

The causes of cervical polyps are not well known. They may result from infection, long-term inflammation, an abnormal response to an increase in estrogen levels, or congestion of blood vessels in the cervical canal.

What are the symptoms of Cervical Polyps?

The symptoms of cervical polyps rarely cause symptoms. If they do, this usually involves:

  • Discharge
  • Unexpected vaginal bleeding

What is the treatment for Cervical Polyps?

Cervical polyps are quite delicate structures and can become detached during menstruation or sexual activity.

If they are causing symptoms, they can be removed in Dr. Penman’s clinic. They do not require any pain medication and can be twisted off using ring forceps very easily.

The removed polyps will be sent for laboratory investigation, to ensure that they are simply benign. There may be some very mild cramping in the few hours following removal and possibly some slight vaginal spotting.

Occasionally the polyp stalk is too thick for this sort of removal and in these cases, Dr. Penman would recommend removal under a very short general anaesthetic.

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