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Fetal Medicine UK Infertility Package

Infertility is heartbreaking. Even if a family already has a child, it can still be very upsetting when family plans don’t happen. Dr. Penman’s infertility package is designed to uncover, and treat, the common causes of infertility.

What’s Included in the Infertility Package?

The Infertility Package includes:

  • One consultation (only 1 is required throughout the investigation process)
  • During the consultation, Dr Penman will  discuss the planning of investigations and treatment.
  • He will also discuss the prescriptions for medications  that may be required throughout treatment and explain the medication in detail.
  • High-quality, professional care from Dr. Penman, Consultant Fetal Medicine Specialist 

Only one consultation is required to begin the investigation process into why you are not getting pregnant. Following this consultation, Dr. Penman will contact you via email to inform you of test outcomes and advise you on the next steps.


PLEASE NOTE –  Dr Penman prescribes ovulation stimulation medication to be taken exactly as prescribed, should you change this, he cannot be responsible for the outcome.  Hyperstimulation syndrome is a very serious condition and recommended dosages are given to control ovulation and ensure this does not happen.

PLEASE NOTE: The Infertility Package does not include the cost of medication, blood tests, HSG 

How long will it take to find the likely cause of my infertility?

From the initial consultation to the outcome of tests is a maximum of 3 months.

When can I start infertility investigations?

You can begin infertility investigations at any point during your menstrual cycle – you don’t have to have a regular period.

Who takes me through the infertility Investigations?

Dr. Penman, Consultant Fetal Medicine Specialist, will guide you through the investigations into your infertility. This includes giving the consultation, explaining the results of any tests and recommending appropriate treatment. There is only one consultation needed to start the infertility investigation process.

Dr. Penman has over 25 years experience as a Consultant Gynaecologist and Fetal Medicine Specialist. He has a fully private baby scan and gynaecology clinic based in Kent, England, and specialises in numerous areas, including prenatal screening and diagnosis of fetal abnormalities, recurrent miscarriage, and infertility.

Dr. Penman will conduct the consultation, take your and your partner’s medical history, and will fully explain the next steps in investigations to you.

What are the steps to find and treat the cause of my infertility?

1. Day 21 progesterone estimation

This is to find out whether or not you are ovulating.

If you have irregular periods, Norethisterone can be prescribed to bring on a period, after which a day 21 progesterone estimation can be taken.

2. A semen analysis

Your husband/partner will have a semen analysis so they can be ruled out of further investigations. They can have this arranged through the Spire Alexandra Hospital (£220) or arrange this with their GP (free, please ask them to send the results to Dr Penman). If the results are low, Dr. Penman will refer your husband/partner to a urologist for further investigations and treatment.

3. Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

A hysterosalpingogram is a test performed in the outpatient department by Dr. Penman. (£357)

A dye is injected into the uterus. Dr. Penman observes the dye via x-ray to check the dye passes completely through the fallopian tubes, showing that they are capable of transporting sperm through to fertilize the released egg. If it’s not possible to perform a hysterosalpingogram, or if there are other issues where a laparoscopy is required, Dr. Penman can carry out a laparoscopy and dye. This is the same process as before, but with observation through a laparoscope rather than ultrasound.

4. Discussion of results

Following the HSG, if nothing abnormal is found, Dr. Penman will suggest continuing to try for a pregnancy for a further 4-5 cycles. Should a pregnancy not occur, further consultation is recommended to discuss the various options. If an abnormality is found, Dr. Penman will discuss the various options.


5. What Do I Do If I Have Questions Or Need Further Advice?

Please do not use the email for results that Dr Penman will give you to ask quesitons. He cannot answer questions from this email. If you have questions, please email his secretary, Helen, on She will advise you on the best information, which may be booking an appointment to go back to see Dr Penman.

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