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Dr Penman offers cervical screening tests in his routine gynaecology clinic. Read the information below and follow the guide to
book and appointment. You can fill in the online appointment form or ring the Spire Alexandra Hospital to make an appointment in one of Dr Penman’s gynaecology clinics.


What Happens At My Cervical Screening Appointment?

Dr Penman will take a brief gynaecological history.  He’s then ask you to undress from the waist down and lie on a bed. A female nurse will join you at this part of the appointment.

Dr Penman will then insert a speculum into your vagina, this gently holds the wall of the vagina open allowing for easy access with the cervical brush to take a sample of cells.  The speculum can be a little uncomfortable, but Dr Penman has a lot of experience in doing this and will be as gentle as possible.  He has frequently taken cervical samples from patients who have a history of difficulties in obtaining cervical cells.

A sample of the cervical cells is then taken using cervical brush. The brush is then placed in a bottle of preserving liquid and sent to the laboratory.

How Long Is The Appointment?

The whole appointment will take 15 minutes.

When you book your appointment, please tell the booking clerk that you would like a cervical smear test.

Your Results

Your cervical screening test result takes around 10 days. Dr Penman will email you with the result and send a copy of the result to you in the post. It is a good idea for you to pass this onto your GP so they have a copy of the result too.

If there are any details that require discussion regarding your cervical smear test result, Dr Penman will ring you and discuss the findings with you and invite you back for a follow-up consultation where he can discuss them further and recommend any further treatment if this is necessary.

Abnormal Results

Approximately 1 in 20 cervical screening tests show cervical changes. The majority will not lead to cancer as the cells will return to normal over time. However, in some cases, the cells will remain abnormal and require treatment to ensure that they do not become cancerous. Should your test show abnormal results, Dr Penman will advise you and arrange further treatment if required.

The Cost Of The Cervical Screening Appointment

Dr Penman charges £118 for a gynaecological consultation with cervical screening test.

This charge includes all the laboratory fees so there is nothing further to pay.

How Do I Book A Cervical Screening Appointment?

You can book your cervical screening test by clicking on the blue gynaecology appointment button below. Alternatively, please visit the Contact Us page and ring the hospital of your choice.



  • Please make sure that you are not menstruating when you come for your smear test as this makes the collection of cells from the cervix impossible.
  • When you book your appointment, please tell the booking clerk that you would like a cervical smear test performed as this affects the length of the appointment required.

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