What Is This Scan For?

During this scan we look in great detail at the anatomy of the baby. Particular attention is paid to the brain, face, spine, limbs, heart, stomach, kidneys and other internal organs. The sex of the baby can be determined in the majority of cases with approximately 99% accuracy from 16 weeks now, but this can also be performed as part of the anomaly scan at 20-24 weeks.

As with all scans, the cost includes a full consultation with Dr Penman who will give you a full explanation of all the findings at the end of the scan. It may be that the findings of this scan mean you need to plan to have the baby at a different place than you had planned, to allow for better after-birth care, or even consider other options, but this scan can help you make an informed decision.


When Can I Have This Scan?

It is normal practice for all pregnant women to be offered an anomaly scan and while this can be performed from 18 – 24 weeks, it is best done at about 22 weeks.




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