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Rainbow Baby Scan

Miscarriage is a heart-breaking reality for many women, and Dr Penman recognises that you may have many questions surrounding miscarriage, whether it is your first or more than first. 

What Is A Rainbow Scan?

The Rainbow Scan is post-miscarriage scan to confirm full recovery from miscarriage, and to help plan the next steps for trying to conceive again (i.e. have your Rainbow Baby!)

With a Rainbow Scan, Dr Penman offers an ultrasound scan to confirm miscarriage and full-recovery from miscarriage.

(Please note: This scan is not to diagnose infertility. For infertility investigations, please Book A Gynae Appointment).

Who Performs The Scan?

Dr Penman, Consultant Fetal Medicine Specialist, performs the scan. He will also be able to answer any questions you have about your miscarraige.

How Long Does This Scan Take?

The appointment takes 30 minutes, but the actual scanning will be less than this. The rest of the appointment time will be used for Dr Penman to take any medical history and to explain the results of the scan to you.



How Much Is This Scan?

The Rainbow Scan costs £100, which includes the scan and consultation.